About The Artist

Born London 1946

Moved to Cornwall 1974

Attended St. Martin's, Hammersmith and the Byam Shaw art schools.

From the first life class I ever attended - in 1963! - I was "hooked" on the life drawing process. The majority of my work in the last few years has centred around the human face and figure, largely drawing. The exploratory process of drawing, discovering, is essential to me, although I paint as well. Recently, I have begun a return to landscape and other subject areas, and hope to have prepared sufficient work to show soon. I have also worked in photography and printmaking from time to time, although the majority of work at the moment uses pastel, charcoal and ink mixes, and for painting, oils more often then acrylic.

My work can also be seen at The Lane Gallery and at www.lifedrawing.me.